The Oldest Boy

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Did you ever watch 'Kundun' and think, “Okay, this is beautiful, but what if those monks came down from their monastery and showed up at my door to claim my son as the reincarnation of a deity?” That’s exactly what happens in 'The Oldest Boy,' a play about an American couple whose son is discovered to be the latest corporeal form inhabited by the spirit of a holy lama. If you’re not sure exactly what a “lama” is, that’s reason enough to go see the Jungle Theater’s production of this 2014 play by Sarah Ruhl ('In the Next Room, or the vibrator play'). It provides a primer on Tibetan Buddhism, and gives director Sarah Rasmussen and her team the opportunity to build one of the striking sets the Jungle is known for. Christina Baldwin and Randy Reyes lead the cast of this play about a couple who are asked to make a parenting decision that tests their relationship and their faith.