The Norwegians

Every Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat., and Sun. from Dec. 8-30
7:30 p.m.

Nodding to noir traditions, dark comedy The Norwegians begins with a chance encounter between two women, Olive and Betty, who bond over talk of the ex-boyfriends who have cast them aside. Though the circumstances of their breakups differ, the women are unified not just by being scorned, but by being Southern transplants to Minnesota. Together, they gleefully trade barbed observations of local culture. Taking the notion of vengeance to a wickedly absurd degree, Betty soon suggests that Olive handle her ex-boyfriend the way she handled her own: by hiring two local hitmen to snuff him out. These proposed assassins, however, prove a surprisingly amiable pair, approaching each assignment with their humble Scandinavian work ethic. Riffing on cultural eccentricities and the principles of murder, playwright C. Denby Swanson’s sharp dialogue should provide a source of offbeat humor underscored by the accomplished cast of Jane Froiland, Sara Marsh, Luverne Seifert, and James Rodriguez. Under the seasoned direction of Joel Sass, this local premiere by Dark & Stormy Productions (heralded as Best Theater of 2016 by City Pages) serves as a delightfully dark introduction to the winter theater season. For a full list of show dates and times, check the website,