Robyn Thorsen, 'Flyover'


The North Mobile Photography Exhibition

Every Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., and Fri. from Jan. 12-30
10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
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Several years ago, a cultural branding effort was undertaken in the Twin Cities to change our geographical nomenclature from Midwest to “the North.” While that hasn’t completely taken hold, some of us are still adamantly referring to our location as the North. That goes for FilmNorth, too, where the small but mighty Marsden/Gustafson Gallery resides. This winter, they held a competition asking participants to submit photography that communicates their concept of North. The results are in. Photographer Pei Ketron selected 60 images that include stunning landscapes in all seasons, as well as cultural iconography, animals, and sports. Among the image makers are Susan Biggs, Ali Inay, Shinano Emanuele Katagiri, and Cate Vermeland.