The Nomadic Project: Experiencing America Through Art

Artist Kristin Abraham and musician Alfonso Llamas have spent the past year living for their art. Disgusted with the state of politics, the war, and racial and religious conflicts, the husband and wife team sold all of their possessions (including their house) and hopped in their orange-red Honda Element to reconnect with people throughout the nation. Every week they traveled to a new state, stopping along the way for Abraham to create a canvas painting and for Llamas to write music and videotape memories. They took time to exhibit their work, speak to elementary students, gallery owners, and other artists in each community. Through most of their travels they camped out, with only one or two nights a week spent in hotels, and each day $10 was budgeted for food. Their trip began November 13, 2005, and ended December 20, 2006. The result is "The Nomadic Project," which features 50 paintings (one for each state), music, video, and journal entries. 2400 Plymouth Ave., Minneapolis; 612.587.0230. Through December 31
Dec. 2-31, 2008

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