The Ninth Annual Twin Cities Book Festival

The most enormous book event in our fair pair of cities returns! Meet local authors and publishers, drop the kids off at the Storytelling Circle, pick through an enormous used-book sale, and attend readings and signings by an astounding group of guest authors. Fiction writers in attendance this year include Nicholson Baker; Robert Olen Butler, the prolific Pulitzer winner who once worked as a counterintelligence officer; and Lorrie Moore. Nonfiction authors include poetic naturalist Diane Ackerman (the molecule dianeackerone, a sex pheromone in crocodilians, is named after her), and David Allen Sibley, who knows almost as much about birds as birds do. Legendary international poets Adam Zagajewski and Christian Bök will also attend. Zagajewski is Poland's most famous poet, and Bök wrote the bestselling Canadian poetry book of all time. He also worked as a xenolinguist for Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Guests also include comics artist Gabrielle Bell, whose work was twice selected by the prestigious Best American Comics series, and the professional geek Ethan Gilsdorf, who studies and celebrates fantasy and role-playing culture—audience members are encouraged to attend Gilsdorf's event in costume. Miss out at your peril. Sponsored by the literary journal Rain Taxi. For more info visit (Photo by Wonderlane)
Sat., Oct. 10, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., 2009

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