'Rear Window'


The Ninth Annual Hitchcock Film Festival

Every Mon. from April 10-May 8
7 p.m.
Festivals, Film

Carrying on a popular tradition, the ninth annual Hitchcock Film Festival returns to cast some sinister shade over the spring season. Of the seven featured films, Rear Window (1954) and Vertigo (1958) offer iconic performances from Jimmy Stewart as a man becoming increasingly unhinged over an all-consuming obsession with, respectively, the peculiar behavior of his neighbors and the identity of an enigmatically unobtainable woman. Stewart also lends supporting weight to Rope (1948) as a professor used as a pawn by two former students in a ghastly experiment to prove amoral superiority. Nefarious deeds similarly escalate in Psycho (1960) when a desperate secretary absconds with a client’s money only to be fatefully detoured to a remote hotel run by a skittish young man and his domineering mother. Aberrant desires are rendered even more disquieting by Frenzy (1972), a late-period thriller now ranked among Hitchcock’s most chilling works. The Wrong Man (1956) spins a tale of unjust persecution made all the more inescapable through the film’s uncharacteristic starkness. The sense of a waking nightmare is even more pronounced in The Birds (1963), wherein a quaint seaside town suffers an inexplicable avian uprising. Visit for more info.