The Monday Night Comedy Show

The most eclectic comedy production in the Twin Cities returns after a summer hiatus, and creator/host/diabolical mastermind Andy Brynildson says he's spent the break cooking up ways to bring back a bigger and badder Monday Night Comedy Show. "There will be fewer acts, so the standup comics are going to get more time, and I want more sketch comedy, more short films, and more music." More of everything, Brynildson adds, as long as it's comedy—and when he says everything, he isn't kidding. The quirky little show-that-could, which takes place in the spacious back room of the all-ages-friendly Beat Coffeehouse, cultivated a significant following in its first 100-week run by bringing together top performers in all manifestations of Minneapolis merrymaking. On a given night you might see touring professional standups like Mike Brody or Tommy Ryman, slam poetry from Wonder Dave, Rockstar storytelling courtesy of Courtney McLean or Ben San Del, and improv by the likes of James Moore, Mike Fotis, or the host himself. And then there are the performances that don't quite fit any mold—Chris Knutson, painted blue from head to toe and doing a double-entendre-laden rant as a cantankerous Papa Smurf, or Brynildson challenging audience members to a Cool Whip-eating contest or an energy-drink-off. The price has been hiked to $4, but bring in one of the flyers floating around town for a buck off the door charge. (Photo by Nate Steiner)
Mon., Nov. 16, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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