'The Memoir of Mona Lisa and Other Poems' Image courtesy event organizers


The Memoir of Mona Lisa and Other Poems

April 3
7 p.m.
$6-$15 sliding scale
Dance, Film, Literary, Poetry

Poetry! Dance! Film! Su Smallen Love had a yen to explore the intersection of those three artforms, so she commissioned three veteran choreographers to create dance films inspired by her newest collection, The Memoir of Mona Lisa and Other Poems. To celebrate its publication, she’ll read the poems that inspired the films, screen the films, and talk about making art from art with the choreographers, filmmakers, and performers. Becky Heist’s “Life Drawings” is based on three poems that brought the body into our Minnesota landscape. Christopher Watson’s “between us a fault line” presents abstract reflections of physical and psychological intimacies, with animation by Leila Awadallah and music by Hilary James. Working in collaboration with Awadallah and performer Morgan Veldhuizen, Judith Howard responds to a sonnet sequence in which Mona Lisa reveals her relationship with her husband and her husband’s male lover. Howard’s “Vanishing Point” employs imagery from the poem to create a sensuous counter portrait of Mona Lisa with narrative around a line from the poem: “I would clothe myself with this surface. I would be a man.”