The Jayhawks


With a new album mostly finished, and the recent release of expanded (and remastered) reissues of their beloved records Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow the Green Grass, the Jayhawks have managed to captivate the music world once again. With the reconciliation of longtime collaborators Gary Louris and Mark Olson, the band members are newly inspired and rejuvenated, and they obviously have an eager audience waiting for them, as evidenced by how quickly their small U.S. tour has sold out (the opening night at First Ave is sold out as well, but there are still tickets available for the recently added second show). Fans can expect a thorough examination of both those classic albums spread over the course of the two-night stand, as well as plenty of new songs sprinkled in, which the group feels really positive about. These sets of shows, and the release of the new record (which should be out sometime this summer), should cause both fans and critics alike to shift their focus back to the stately, elegant music that the Jayhawks make, instead of their tempestuous history. Twin Cities music fans have patiently dreamed of this full-fledged reunion for quite a while now, and these shows will hopefully be just the start of a long, prolific period for a band receiving a truly deserved extended moment in the sun. With Rogue Valley. 21+ Saturday; 18+ Sunday.
Saturdays, Sundays, 6 p.m. Starts: Jan. 29. Continues through Jan. 30, 2011

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