The Inquisition

Just how far does your knowledge of art reach? Would you like to test it against experts? Tonight you'll be able to do just that at the Walker's trivia night, ominously titled "The Inquisition." Believe it or not, this evening is actually a revival of a popular Walker event from the 1940s. Guests were invited to pose questions to audience members and panelists. Those invited onstage for the event that was part game show and part lively discussion included gallery owners, artists, historians, critics, and other figures active in the local art community. The goal of these game nights was noble: Curators of the event sought to demystify art and remove the pretentious air that often surrounds it, making it accessible, fun, and interesting for people with all levels of knowledge. At tonight's event, participants will be invited to ask questions both factual and philosophical; the premiere of the 2010 version will feature MPR's Marianne Combs and artist Andy Sturdevant. The event is free, but space is limited so it's recommended that you stop by the Bazinet Garden Lobby at 6 p.m. for tickets. To pose a question, visit
Thu., Jan. 7, 7 p.m., 2010

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