The Holmes Brothers


Native Virginians Sherman and Wendell Holmes, plus brother in all but name Popsy Dixon, create a gloriously rich sound permeated with timeless threads of musical gold. The trio's classic vocals are a wonder in themselves, Popsy's soaring falsetto entwining with Sherman's rumbling baritone and Wendell's raucous rasps and yelps for harmonies that are just short of miraculous. The Bros.' new, aptly titled Feed My Soul (Alligator) reunites them with Joan Osborne, who contributes backup vocals and produces, as she did on the Holmes' first Alligator album, Speaking in Tongues. The new one sports nine originals that address the scrambled state of the world, transcending heartache, and lasting romance. There's a note of poignancy in "Fair Weather Friend," Wendell's encounter with a surprising lack of loyalty during his recent, successful bout with cancer. And there are a handful of great covers, including a breathtaking arrangement of the Beatles' "I'll Be Back" and an ebullient version of a previously unreleased John Ellison tune, "Something Is Missing." Spiritually uplifting, riddled with sly humor, and marvelously realized, the Holmes Brothers' music has nothing missing.
Tue., May 4, 7 & 9:30 p.m., 2010

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