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The Hobbit

March 13
7 p.m.
Every Thu. and Fri. from March 14-April 14
7 p.m.
Every Sat. and Sun. from March 16-April 14
2 p.m.
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5 p.m.
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5 p.m.
Every Sat. from April 6-14
11 a.m.
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Get ready for trolls, dragons, elves, and dwarves as the Children’s Theatre Company takes on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Adapted and directed by Greg Banks, the production features Dean Holt as Bilbo Baggins and Joy Dolo as both the wise wizard Gandalf and the sneaky/pathetic Gollum (plus other roles). The play follows Bilbo’s journey from his peaceful shire to the misty mountains, through the Battle of Five Armies, and, ultimately, facing the evil dragon Smaug in his lair. Traveling with a party of 13 mighty dwarves, Bilbo learns that he’s capable of bravery and cunning, and has adventures he never thought possible. The classic fantasy, informed partly by Tolkien’s own experiences during World War I, celebrates heroism, fellowship, and the ultimate battle of good versus evil.