The Haunted Basement

As with most older buildings and homes, the Soap Factory's basement is creepy. It has a permanent dampness that gets into your bones and lungs, it lacks natural light, and there's a persistent feeling that you're being watched. There might be some truth to that feeling. Last summer, the Twin Cities Paranormal Society visited the space and claimed to sense a variety of spirits ranging from calm to uncomfortable to angry. So it sounds like a good idea to wander around the basement in the dark with a flashlight, right? That is the general idea of the Haunted Basement. This year's theme is "disturbing," which is perhaps a step up from last year's "disorienting" theme in terms of terror. Be prepared for spaces filled with creepy dolls, ominous clowns, and men in masks. New this year will be a soundtrack playing the EVP recordings from the TC Paranormal Society's investigation, and unpleasant smells from a local scent company. They check that you are 18 or over, and make you sign a waiver, so you know they're not messing around. Be sure to sign up beforehand as shows sell out fast. Tickets are at 18+.
Oct. 16-Nov. 1, 6 p.m.-midnight, 2009

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