The Harty Boys Save X-Mas!

One of the comedic highlights of the 2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival was The Harty Boys in the Case of the Limping Platypus. As envisioned by the show's co-stars, Joshua English Scrimshaw and Levi Weinhagen, The Harty Boys derived an inexhaustible supply of humor from an amiable spoofing of adolescent adventure tales. Inspired by the success, Scrimshaw and Weinhagen are bringing the characters back for an all new holiday special, The Harty Boys Save Christmas. Designed for all-ages audiences, the production promises even more hysterical, inept antics from the clueless boy detectives. With a cast of local favorites (including Ari Hoptman as the equally delusional Harty father and Leslie Ball as the ever exasperated Harty mother), The Harty Boys thrills with cheerfully idiotic deductions, oblivious discoveries, and bumbling action. Told with a cartoonish quirkiness for the kids and a winking self-awareness for the adults, The Harty Boys Save Christmas should provide a rare holiday production that offers merriment for all ages—even if it means tangling with the diabolical forces of Santa Claus. Ultimately the question isn't whether the Harty Boys can save Christmas, but whether Christmas can be saved from the Harty Boys.
Saturdays, 7 p.m.; Sundays, 6 p.m. Starts: Nov. 27. Continues through Dec. 19, 2010

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