The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture & Design

In the 21st century, green is the new black. It's simultaneously the top political and marketing word de jour. Talk of a burgeoning "green economy" promising "green collar" jobs is nearly impossible to avoid. But it's hard to cut through the buzz and hoopla to imagine what an America run on renewable energy and conservation would really look like. Thankfully, the National Building Museum is here to help. Their touring exhibit, "The Green House," explores how homebuilders are integrating environmentally friendly technology and materials into modern dwellings, and what's new on the horizon. This isn't some hokey "The Home of Tomorrow" display full of false promises and goofy videos. "The Green House" displays models and photos of 21 completed or in-progress sustainably-designed homes, an explanation of five principles architects can follow for green building, and a collection of materials used in sustainable construction. This use of "green" is definitely justified. In the HGA Gallery.
Jan. 12-March 8, 2009

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