The Greatest Spirit

Sept. 22
7 p.m.

Poetic music and dance gala presented by the artistic troupe Embrace China: Sichuan, the Beautiful.

PROMOTIONAL EVENT DESCRIPTION Chinese Poetic Music and Dance Gala

The Chinese Poetic Music and Dance Gala, “The Greatest Spirit”

"The Greatest Spirits", with its theme of discovering the beauty of the poetry and spirits of China, combining the ancient and modern, history and present, dance and poetry, music and spirits, demonstrates the essence of the spirits and poetry of China from a unique perspective. “The Greatest Spirit” shows the wisdom and elegance of the ancient Chinese, the grandeur of the traditional Chinese operas, the exquisite beauty of the costumes of Chinese past dynasties as well as the unique styles of the Chinese ancient architecture. These mural-like story scenes lead the audience to understand the history and to refresh their memories of cultural heritage. It focuses on demonstrating the unique enchanting power of the Chinese traditional culture and passing this drop of spirit that has penetrated a five thousand year river of time to the future, sharing the Chinese cultural heritage, the beauty of Chinese civilization and the essence of Chinese wisdom with the world. The flourishing era of China, the ancient saints, the joy and sorrow of everyday lives in China, and the mysterious and profound Eastern philosophy are all in the kaleidoscopic stage behind this spirit culture of China.

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