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The Graffiti Ball

Oct. 25
10 p.m.
Drag, Fashion and Style, LGBTQ, DJ

For nearly 100 years, ball culture has thrived in underground scenes. These events are part DIY fashion show, part performance, and part act of defiance. Participants, generally from LGBTQ POC communities, choose from a variety of archetype-based categories where they strut their stuff in hopes of winning prizes and peer respect. You can see ball culture in action this weekend at the not-so underground First Avenue, hosted by DJ Keezy and Fatha Jazz Bordeaux. Entrants will be judged based on things like strut and voguing skills, overall “realness,” body/sexiness, and excellence in face and hair. Prizes range from $50 to $500. Watch the spectacle or enter yourself in the style that calls to you the most. 18+.