The Erotic Slam


Slam poets can sometimes be a bit too frank about their sex lives, with details of past encounters painted in aching detail across the canvas of public performance. But if words are your aphrodisiac of choice, come tonight for an orgy of prurient poetry, from the beautiful sonnets of lovemaking to full-frontal free-verse pornography. Nationally competitive slammers and poetry slam virgins alike will have three minutes to wax lascivious and leave the audience a panting, passion-drenched mess. You can even sign up beforehand if you have some particularly arousing pieces of your own and the stamina to make it through all three rounds; if you need a little lubrication before getting onstage, the Artists' Quarter has a well-stocked bar. But if you're the type who just likes to watch, you can still participate fully—slam crowds are notorious screamers, and you might get lucky and be picked as one of the five audience judges. 18+.
Sun., Aug. 3, 7 p.m., 2008

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