The Entertainment Machine: A Live Radio Show, Created with Advanced Technology

Following in the footsteps of radio/variety show titans like A Prairie Home Companion, This American Life, and The Moth, performance group Radio All Stars are bringing their act back to the Bryant-Lake Bowl for a new episode of The Entertainment Machine. Created and produced by Dave Mondy (Rockstar Storytellers) and Bobbi Miller, the show is a whirlwind of local talent that encompasses a myriad of acts. A winner of the Minnesota Fringe Festival Audience Encore Award, The Entertainment Machine is a live show formatted to be a visual radio program, complete with thematic elements linked through storytelling, news, music, and comedy. Performances are sandwiched by tunes provided by DJ King Otto, and are accompanied by sound effects from Mike Hallenbeck. In addition to show-specific guests, who in the past have included Amy Salloway and Black Blondie, The Entertainment Machine will be keeping the audience captivated with more stories from the life of The Spectre: The World's Most Average Superhero, star of an ongoing old-style radio play voiced by Shannon O'Keefe, Dave Mondy, and Dawn Brodey. Should you miss Sunday night's performance, you can listen to audio from the show at
Sun., April 10, 6 p.m., 2011

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