The Drums


The Drums' lead single from their debut album is called "Let's Go Surfing," but surfing is probably best understood as a metaphor for escape. Raised in a strictly evangelical household, frontman Jonathan Pierce was prohibited from listening to pop music as a child and was forced to discard any unapproved records his parents discovered in his room. Yet in a deliciously ironic twist, Pierce met future bandmate and guitarist Jacob Graham while attending a Christian youth camp. Only one track on the Drums' debut mentions Jesus by name, but temptation and redemption are recurring themes throughout, even if musically The Drums draws exclusively from secular and British sources—c86 disciples the Wake and their more arena-minded descendents like New Order and the Cure chief among them. Maybe it's short of a revelation to those with a passing familiarity with the era, but Pierce's teen dreams are sacred all the same. Opening for Surfer Blood, with openers the Dewars. 18+.
Wed., Oct. 13, 8 p.m., 2010

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