The Donnas

The Donnas debuted in 1998 with a highly packaged Ramones-meets-Runaways shtick (Hot, barely legal girls! All named Donna! Playing rock!) that was more about marketing than music. But then, amazingly, they succeeded where everyone from the Monkees to Poochie (the Homer-voiced dog on The Simpsons) failed: They grabbed creative control, started writing their own material, and took off. No longer underage nor calling themselves "Donna," still totally hot, the band has carved out a hard-edged and raucous niche, and become pretty great musicians, especially guitarist Allison Robertson. Their new album, Bitchin', delivers exactly what its title suggests: gigantic riffs, shout-along choruses, and shredding solos that rob what little is left in Cinderella and Ratt's graves. It would sound awesome blared out of a trunk of a Camaro filled with a cooler of Black Labels, just like the Donnas would want. The mighty Donita Sparks, late of proto-grunge powerhouse L7, opens the show.
Fri., Sept. 28, 6 p.m., 2007

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