The Dodos

Don't be disappointed when you don't see twirling batons and elephants parading behind the Dodos next Tuesday. Just hang on. I know you've loved the circus since you were a kid and blah blah blah. But acrobats or no, these dudes can hold their own. The San Francisco duo and Pitchfork faves are touring on the heels of their sophomore release, Visiter. Their hyperactive and gamelan-esque instrumentation thrum under velvety, atmospheric vocals. They sound a lot like Panda Bear, actually. Visiter was released on Frenchkiss Records, former and/or current home of Twin Cities acts such as Plastic Constellations, Sean Na Na, and the Hold Steady. For Pitchfork-ophiles: The site describes the band's live act as "astounding." With the Absent Arch and Sin Horses. All ages.
Tue., July 8, 5 p.m., 2008

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