Single Shoe Productions


The Disappearing Act

Every Thu., Fri., and Sat. from Jan. 25-28
7:30 p.m.
Every Sat. and Sun. from Jan. 27-28
2 p.m.

London-based performance company Single Shoe Productions has taken on the challenge of finding humor in the fleeting nature of existence. Billed as “a comedy about the end of life,”A Disappearing Act is a dynamic production that builds on the chemistry company co-founders Filipa Tomas and Bradley Wayne Smith first displayed with their critically acclaimedCrazy Glue. Whereas that work utilized aspects of clowning, mime, and dance to depict a moving portrayal of the evolving stages of love, so too is the specter of death materialized by A Disappearing Act. Adding yet another intriguing layer of stagecraft, their newest creation imagines the presentation as a memorial service for a departed magician mourned by his son and assistant. Invigorated with live musical accompaniment and unpredictable audience interaction, A Disappearing Act reflects on cultural attitudes toward death, but rejects the grim solemnity of a funeral dirge. Instead, the interplay suggests the endless depths of poignancy, mystery, and even merriment to be found in mortality.