"The Curious Case of Mary Toft" at Rosalux Amelia Biewald, 'G-Spot'


The Curious Case of Mary Toft

Every Sat. and Sun. from Jan. 5-27
12-4 p.m.
Art, Galleries

In The Favourite, Yorgos Lanthimos’ new film fantasia of royal rivalries, Queen Anne keeps quarters with 17 rabbits—one for every child she’s lost. What would Mary Toft, an 18th-century Englishwoman who in 1726 apparently began giving birth to rabbits, have thought? She’d probably consider Queen Anne an amateur. Toft’s rabbit babies were allegedly a thing that had scientists baffled. Minneapolis artist Amelia Biewald was intrigued, and took up this odd case as inspiration and subject matter for her new exhibition, “The Curious Case of Mary Toft.” Biewald’s installations merge myth, mystery, science, and scandal into dreamy representations that seemingly drift through time with potent possibility. Tom Tozer’s hard-edged abstractions provide quite the counterpoint in this joint exhibition.