The Crimes and Confessions of Kip Knutzen: A Hockey Way of Knowledge


Deke Weaver may perform internationally these days, but he grew up in Minnetonka and still has a soft spot in his heart for hockey. This performance outdoes the Coen brothers for weird Minnesota tics and tales; indeed, it's the product, perhaps, of Gabriel García Márquez and Garrison Keillor if they were locked up together in an ice-fishing house for a week. The story revolves around a high school hockey coach, his wife Katie, their mind-reading twin daughters Heidi and Helga, and super-stud Tool Halvorson, star of the Demons hockey team. When coach Kip starts to believe his state championships are the magical work of talking pheasants, his life is turned upside down until he has a vision one night—one that will set his path right forever. Weaver, who recently scored a San Francisco Bay Guardian Upstage/Downstage Award for Best Solo Flight, plays all of the parts, accompanied by original music from Poster Children's Rose Marshack and Rick Valentin. The show is a joyful ode to love and madness on the ice, filled with old-radio-style sound effects and small-town truths.
Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 7 p.m., 2008

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