The Coup

Oakland hip-hop veterans the Coup have released only three albums under their own name in the past 11 years. That their previous two sound like they could've been released yesterday says a lot about both how timeless their g (for guerilla)-funk sound is and how desperate things have gotten politically. More than a decade after 2001's Steal This Album gave sly yet frustrated voice to social struggle in America, more and more citizens have stopped riding the fence and started itching to come up with another five million ways to kill a CEO. Pick a Bigger Weapon, released in 2006, maintained its predecessor's mixture of leftist fervor, everyday-people empathy, and elastic West Coast bounce. But while the message of Sorry to Bother You retains Boots Riley's sharp-witted, limberly drawled call-to-arms lyricism, the group's sound has taken a turn for the punk — well, sort of. Sure, "Your Parents' Cocaine" is two and a half minutes of snotty, kazoo-laden polemicism featuring a gnarled guest spot from Anti-Flag's Justin Sane, and the stomping guitar buzz of lead single "The Magic Clap" sounds a bit like Bikini Kill, at least when it isn't sounding like Sly & the Family Stone. But you can still move to it, and it can still move you. 18+. (Photo by Todd Cooper)
Tue., Nov. 27, 8 p.m., 2012

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917 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55404


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