'The Comedy of Errors' Bob Suh


The Comedy of Errors

Every Fri. and Sat. from Oct. 11-Nov. 2
7:30 p.m.
Every Sun. from Oct. 13-Nov. 3
2 p.m.

The influence of Shakespeare knows no bounds, but it takes a keen perception to find the spirit of the Bard amid the fun-in-the-sun shenanigans of 1960s beach-party films. Featuring plots as frothy as the ever-present ocean waves, this short-lived genre embraced slapstick laughs and playful romance with an unabashed exuberance. Drawing a link between this suntanned revelry and Shakespearian absurdity, Theatre in the Round Players have cleverly reimagined The Comedy of Errors in the retro style of a cinematic day at the beach. A tale of mistaken identities, Comedy of Errors follows two sets of identical twins as they unknowingly find themselves in the same vicinity. Wacky complications ensue, leading to progressively sillier situations in which the actions of one twin are blamed on the confounded other. Though certainly not the most thematically layered of the Bard’s creations, Comedy of Errors possesses a breezy charm that should prove particularly receptive to the inclusion of swimsuits and surf rock.