The Coathangers

July 21
7:30 p.m.
Indie Rock, Punk
One of the best underground bands to come out of Atlanta in the last decade — which is saying something — the Coathangers have sustained a long run across five albums, cranking out infectious garage rock song after infectious garage-rock song. Beginning as something of a joke, they showed their cheeky sense of humor early on with songs like "Nestle in My Boobies" ("It's so comfortable!"). But the band's recent work, released by Seattle's Suicide Squeeze Records, proves they've become expert songwriters on the fly. They've never had trouble piecing together catchy vocal hooks, which have come from each and every member (now three, formerly four). Meanwhile, their musicianship sizzles with punk energy, but it's still well-rounded, from the guitar assault to the rhythm section that includes masterful drummer Stephanie Luke. The Coathangers have enjoyed an eventful 2016 so far, releasing one of the year's underrated rock albums (April's Nosebleed Weekend) and supporting Refused on a U.S. tour. With their anthemic songs, they pack virtually as much punch as those more famous hardcore Swedes. With L.A. Witch and Monica LaPlante.