The Claypool Lennon Delirium

June 15
8 p.m.
Indie Rock
From the dark side of another moon, specifically Mars' Phobos, comes the idiosyncratic, psychedelic, outer/inner space romp that is Les Claypool's and Sean Lennon's new duo album. Monolith of Phobos' title track was inspired by an oddly shaped rock that fascinates moon walker Buzz Aldrin. Another moonwalker turns up in "Bubbles Burst," a poignant tale fraught with double meanings about Michael Jackson's pet chimp. Surreal, playful lyrics hammer surprisingly serious points throughout Phobos, whether it's the creepy voyeurism of "Mr. Wright," the dangers of prescription drugs, rampant cluelessness threatening the democracy, or electronic alienation. The pair, who play everything on Phobos, decided to collaborate after their respective bands — Primus and Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger — toured together. Delirium really shine in their eccentric, hallucinogenic stew of star-trekking progressive rock, Beatles-tinged pop, fuzzy melodicism, and zinging space oddities. Everything marvelously coalesces around Claypool's funk-laced, eloquent bass and Lennon's expressive electric guitar. L.A.'s Chicano Batman opens.