The Captivity Plays: Snow, All-Access, and Bee Eater

Those of us who spend more time than is probably advisable in theaters love the big, home-run productions, but we also live for unexpected gems, new work from odd angles in intimate settings. While The Captivity Plays arrives with no guarantees, the team assembled is auspicious: Playwright Adam Szymkowicz pens these three tales, and Genevieve Bennett and Hayley Finn direct. In one play, Leif Jurgensen portrays a dog with dreams of escape, another features reporters on the trail of a wayward female celebrity, and a third depicts four friends seeking romance in a snowstorm. The remainder of the cast includes Leigha Horton, Kimberly Richardson, Tim Uren, and Matt Erkel. The aforementioned odd angles, one presumes, abound.
Thursdays, 6 p.m. Starts: March 12. Continues through March 19, 2009

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