The Breeders

Not many people get the opportunity to be in two iconic bands. Then again, not many people are Ms. Kim Deal. The Breeders' comeback is especially timely, with the grunge era enjoying a retro chic resurgence. Plaid (oh God) is again the hip fashion statement and Mudhoney was even recently spotlighted on MySpace's homepage. The trend has been at times unfortunate (think a Layne Staley-less Alice in Chains), but the Breeders are anything but rehashed. Mountain Battles is the product of decades of talent. "Spark" is haunting and sparse. "Night of Joy" is almost cherubic. "German Studies" begs for a rewind on your Walkman. Just hope the tape doesn't get stuck. With the Montana Boys. 18+.
Fri., May 30, 8 p.m., 2008

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