The Breeders

The sisters Deal—that's sometimes Pixies bassist Kim, and Kelley, formerly known as the Kelley Deal 5000—sure seem to enjoy making Breeders' fanatics' lives difficult. In 1990, they drop Pod, an album of twisted, sinuous alt-rock. In 1993, they go gold with the "Cannonball"-led Last Splash, a more user-friendly gloss on what Pod started. Then—excepting Kim's morose, slurred Pacer album (as the Amps), scuttlebutt about Kelley's smack problem, and a couple of Kelly Deal 5000 discs—nothing. For nine years. Then 2002 rolls around, and the Breeders rebound with the spookily disjointed (yet still amazing) Title TK. Fast-forward six more years—lord help us—and Mountain Battles finds 'em singing in German and Spanish and generally turning our idea of who they are and what they do on its ear. Given the release of the Fade to Fatal EP this past spring, the Deals appear to be back on the job full-time. But you never know. With Whispertown 2000. 18+.
Tue., Aug. 11, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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