The Boredoms

Japan's Boredoms started off 20 or so years ago as a clattery way to prove your avant-garde mettle (and chase off pesky officemates). But over dozens of side projects, the Super Roots EPs, and the brilliant, century-concluding albums Super Are and Vision Creation Newsun, the band have proved themselves inspirational in every sense of the word. They have big spirits, wide-ranging tastes, and are absolutely fearless in their musical explorations. The early 2000s seemed quiet for the band, but the last couple of years have brought treasures: 2005's propulsive, meditative Seadrum/House of Sun and this year's Super Roots 9 (Thrill Jockey)—a marvelous 2004 Christmas Eve show that showcases a 24-voice chorus playing wordless vocals off frontman Yamantaka Eye's turntablism. This summer, they gathered 77 drummers together in New York City to celebrate 7/7/07. The First Avenue performance promises a trio of drummers, the band playing in the round, and a seven-necked guitar called, natch, Sevena. TiVo the whole rest of your life if you have to, but get there. With Human Bell. 18+.
Tue., March 25, 8 p.m., 2008

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