The Body Cartography Project

The Body Cartography Project is the brainchild Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad, who have livened up the dance/performance scene here for the past couple of years. They've produced dance films, live performances, and a recent piece called "Holiday House" that took place, you guessed it, in their very own home. The two view their work as investigations of the physical resonance of space in urban, domestic, wild, technological, and social landscapes through dance, film, and installation work. They are intrepid explorers who love to commission fellow travelers to collaborate with them. Their upcoming series of three Sundays at the Bryant-Lake Bowl gives a glimpse of their multifaceted work and stuff by other folks that they find totally copacetic. January 6 features work by Ramstad, Brooklyn choreographers Daniel Linehan and Elizabeth Ward, and musician/composer Chris Forsyth. January 13 features dance films made across the land and cityscape of Minnesota, and one live performance by the always-intriguing Eliott Durko Lynch. And January 20 unleashes a work called "Made in Japan" that investigates intimacy, control, geography, and physics from the nuclear Pacific. It'll be fascinating to see how they shoehorn all of that into the tiny BLB theater.
Sundays. Starts: Jan. 6. Continues through Jan. 20, 2008

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