The Big Pink

It's important to note that breaking London band the Big Pink worship at the altar of Jesus...or rather the Jesus and Mary Chain. But unlike other shoe-gaze acolytes, the duo of Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell aren't afraid to spike their giant, reverb-heavy songs with bits of glitchy electronics or pop hooks that aren't buried under blankets of white noise. Case in point: massive single "Dominos," an obscenely catchy mix of chunky drums, sneering dismissal, and Pulp-y Britpop. A weeklong Current feature on the band gave those hooks a chance to sink pretty deep into Twin Cities music lovers; the show has already sold out. Even if you can't scrounge up a spare ticket on Craigslist, the Big Pink's sound is so huge that you might be able to stand across the street and soak some of it up. If that's not an option, there's always next time (in the Mainroom, hopefully). With Crystal Antlers and Claps. 18+.
Wed., Nov. 25, 8 p.m., 2009

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