The Baker’s Wife

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7:30 p.m.
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Nov. 7
7:30 p.m.

Based on a Marcel Pagnol film and built around a book by Joseph Stein with musical numbers by Stephen Schwartz (including the showstopping “Meadowlark”), The Baker’s Wife seemed destined for Broadway glory. Instead, the inaugural 1976 production collapsed in the oven, succumbing to an unfocused script, last-minute cast substitutions, and plain bad luck. A high-profile 1989 remount (as well as other intermittent revivals) didn’t fare much better and yet, oddly enough, 30-plus years of refinement would eventually produce a crowd-pleasing work centered on a baker, his young wife, and the lothario who comes between the two. With the lovelorn baker too heartbroken to practice his craft, the inhabitants of the rural French town must mend the marriage if they hope to have their cherished bread again. Produced by Artistry, this local staging boasts an impressive cast headlined by the exceptionally versatile Bradley Greenwald. Under the direction of Benjamin McGovern and supported by the musical direction of Anita Ruth with choreography by Linda Talcott Lee, this rarely produced musical should prove a savory treat for local theatergoers.