The Art Shanty Projects

When thinking of a shanty town or an icehouse, things like survival and function probably spring to mind before words such as art and subversive. Perhaps that is what makes the art shanty projects unique. Art Shanty Projects creators Peter Haakon Thompson and David Pitman have been creating art and community on the frozen waters of Medicine Lake in Plymouth for the past several years. Much like a miniature city, some shanties are practical (the postal shanty works as a real post office); others are informative, offering lessons in knitting or information on environmental concerns; and others are just plain fun (the karaoke shanty). There will be activities throughout the duration of the shanty-camp. Past years have included kid-friendly events, live-broadcast yoga classes, and snacks for all. For a complete schedule of events visit or call the Soap Factory at 612.623.9176.
Jan. 19-Feb. 23, 2008

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