The Art of Stitch and Hitch

Daily from Feb. 27-June 30
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Sewing isn't just for dowdy old ladies; it's an art form increasingly embraced by people of all ages. "The Art of Stitch & Hitch," opening Saturday, brings together three interpretations of textile creativity. MCAD alum Janet Groenert, who has been making art since the early '80s, specializes in work made from torn, text-riddled caution tape, be it in the form of a "bearskin" rug, outfits for a Walker Art Center party, or giant flowers framed on nine-inch quilting hoops and mounted on metal stems. The Science Museum of Minnesota employee also has an affinity for using snow fencing and garden netting in her pieces. "I can interact more with a three-dimensional work than I can with something on a wall," she says. Gail Baar, a music-inspired, abstract quilt artist, and Mermaid Clit Collective, a local queer embroidery group, will also show pieces from their respective collections. There will be an opening reception Saturday, February 27, from 6 to 9 p.m.