The Art of Home Brewing

Ever dream of bathtub bootlegging? This weekend, take part in (legally) brewing your own beer at the Hack Factory when the nonprofit Twin Cities Maker group offers a hands-on class on the basics of home brewing. The lesson covers method differences in extract and all-grain brewing, force carbonation and bottle priming, and batch and fly sparging. It will also include instruction in the mash process, boiling, and yeast starters. Twin Cities Maker is a nifty coop created out of MAKE magazine's ethos by electrical engineers. Their industrial space, the Hack Factory, is a venue to share tools, ensuring that even those with apartment digs have a place to weld. Even cooler than sharing tools, this group shares knowledge, and is open to DIY artists of all kinds. Register ahead; the beer will be ready in time for the open house on July 20, which will be a great opportunity to socialize, check things out, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. For tickets, visit (Photo by ilovebutter)
Sat., June 18, 1-6 p.m., 2011

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