The Appleseed Cast


So it's Tuesday afternoon. There's no end in sight to the workweek, and you've got a nasty case the cubicle sweats. Fear not, office drones. Today the world is letting you have a good time and be in bed early enough that you won't need to prop your eyelids open through the morning commute. During the Appleseed Cast's early show, the Kansas-based post-rockers will revisit their 2001 sister albums, Low Level Owl Volume One and Two, performing them in their entirety. While the albums have the bones of the Appleseed Cast's other releases, such as intricate drumbeats and spotlighted synths, they are the band's furthest excursions into experimentalism. While conventional songwriting is not altogether pushed aside, the albums are better thought of as progressions of musical thought, seamlessly weaving found sounds and undulating rhythms into a collective two hours of unwinding that's worth sneaking out of the office early to hear live. With Dreamend. All ages. (Photo by Aaron Pillar)
Tue., March 16, 5 p.m., 2010

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