The 7th Annual D-4th of July

It's been a while since hometown heroes Dillinger Four have actively worked the local show circuit. That's okay; we know they're busy. Maybe getting older means that family, work, and the like start taking precedence over getting loaded on whiskey and bashing out wonderfully unkempt punk rock, but these guys aren't calling it quits just yet. Besides, the Fourth of July is a Dad-approved time for seeing old pals, enjoying a drink, and setting things on fire, so it's fitting that we should get to catch up with D4 over the holiday. It's the seventh year in a row that the band has hosted an event at (where else?) the Triple Rock in honor of America's birthday, inviting their hooligan friends over to melt a few faces with rock 'n' roll instead of an errant bottle rocket. If all the revelry (read: booze) hasn't handicapped our favorite punkers by the end of the night, you could skip the fireworks and still catch the best part of the Fourth. With Banner Pilot, the Dopamines, the Slow Death, and Box Thieves. 18+. (Photo by Dan Monick)
Sun., July 4, 8 p.m., 2010

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