Textile Center Holiday Show and Sale

The Christmas season is drawing to a close, but in the land of the free market, the shopping season never ends. What better way to be a patriotic American than to shop while appreciating well-made crafts? At the "Holiday Show and Sale" at the Textile Center (one of Minneapolis's hidden gems) you'll be tempted to touch (and possibly take home) the varied textures of the plenitude of fiber arts. There are felted goods such as mittens, hats, bags, and cozies to keep your fingers, head, accessory puppy, and tea warm. For those whose stockings were ruined by coal this year, you can find colorful and unique replacements alongside ornaments to add to your collection. Tracy McMan's work includes angels detailed down to their hair ties, along with birds, slightly eerie monkeys, and Donnie-Darko-esque bunnies clutching felt hearts to their chests. Nina Martine Mayfield's creations dominate the children's section of the show. Her sunhats, booties, dresses, and overalls are so cute you'll consider buying them even if you don't have kids. Carly Stipe has bright duct-tape bags and pins. Diane Muse's napkins are screen-printed with charming images of everyday kitchen items. Even if you don't end up buying anything, a visit is a good excuse to check out the quilts and other artwork that cover the walls of the center.
Nov. 12-Dec. 29, 2007

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