'Test Pilot' Jack Dant


Test Pilot: A Dance Opera

Oct. 22
7:30 p.m.
Dance, Opera

The Wright Brothers’ inaugural flight is always presented as a heroic male endeavor. But choreographer and dancer Penelope Freeh, in collaboration with composer Jocelyn Hagen, put women front and center in this version of the tale. Told from the perspective of the Wrights’ sister, Katharine, and interlaced with Hagen and Freeh’s personal stories of creativity and innovation, the piece takes flight as its abstract narrative inventively celebrates women and artistry. The work includes six singers, video, and veteran dancers Stephanie Fellner, Nic Lincoln, and Cory Goei. The brothers’ history-making adventure is still here, but it’s wrapped in a formidable artistic intelligence and aesthetic that tells the tale anew.