March 7
7 p.m.
Alternative, Electro Pop, Indie Pop, Indie Rock

Husband Patrick Riley and wife Alaina Moore make up the Denver duo Tennis, a beloved mainstay in indie pop. Around the time of their 2011 debut album, Cape Dory, Riley and Moore’s biography (not just their marriage, but the eight months they spent sailing the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard after graduating college) almost seemed more interesting their music, which was an uncomplicated blend of Moore’s sugary ’50s pop vocals, mellow surf-rock instrumentation, and modern lo-fi production. This charming aesthetic seemed like it’d have a limited lifespan, yet six years, two albums, and one EP later, Riley and Moore are still going strong. The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney and Spoon’s Jim Eno contributed production to 2012’s Young & Old and 2014’s Ritual in Repeat, adding detail and depth to Riley and Moore’s sound while their songwriting naturally advanced. Their fourth album, Yours Conditionally, due out later this month, follows another sailing expedition Riley and Moore took last year, blogged about on Urban Outfitters’ website. New York duo Overcoats open.