Ten Second Film Festival

The Ten Second Film Festival is like the Soap Factory's own version of the Oscars, only better. For starters, there's a beer truck serving cold suds all night. Instead of a handful of over-hyped Hollywood pictures, the Ten Second Film Fest shows a hundred films (ten films in ten categories) with a winner in each category. Last year's festival debuted several gems worth YouTubing. The winner in the Most Disturbing category was a first-person shot of a guy looking at a swimsuit magazine as he says to himself, "What would Jesus do?" repeatedly. He then looks down to his crotch to see a little Jesus statue sticking through his fly. Top honors in the Most Touching series went to a piece showing a hamster sticking its face through a hole in a box of Quaker Oats where the Quaker's face has been cut away. And in what should be described as nothing short of cinematic genius, the winner of the Spielberg Award was a film in which a scanner and a printer discuss how their owner scanned and printed a picture of "the hottest chick." I promise, it's more tasteful than it sounds.
Fri., July 4, 10:45 p.m., 2008

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