Ten Second Film Festival

It's hard to tell a complete story in only 10 seconds. Okay, actually, it's really, really hard. Think about some of the biggest Hollywood films ever. They are posterior-bruising long. For example, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy clocks in at an astounding 9.3 hours. In fact, nine of the top ten all-time grossing films require more than two hours to tell their tales. And let's not forget the DVDs packed with the mediocre cut scenes that bloat up films once they've left theaters. Special effects, trick shots, and excessively long scenes of character development are not luxuries the brave filmmakers of the Soap Factory's Ten Second Film Festival can afford. The concept is pretty simple: People send in 10-second movies they've made. Then, after the St. Anthony Main fireworks display, film fans flock to the Soap Factory's parking lot (last year the festival attracted 3,000 people), to watch the bizarre, confusing, and often hilarious snippet-sized movies. For a primer on winners from past years, including classics such as Fart Lips, Jesus Is Watching, and Chester the Quaker, check out the Ten Second Film Festival channel on YouTube. The party will feature celebrity judges, tiki decor, and prizes for filmmakers in 10 separate categories. Event starts after the St. Anthony Main fireworks.
Sat., July 4, 2009

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