Ten Minute Play Fest

The time had arrived for Bedlam Theatre's ninth annual Ten Minute Play Fest. This is wild and daring theater in 21 bite-sized chunks (in three sets, rotated six times over two weekends), with a performance slate that runs from conventional drama, to toy theater, to opera, to drag. A look at this year's writers includes such familiar names as Aditi Kapil, Dominic Orlando, Carson Kreitzer, Jeffry Lusiak, and Bedlam's own John Bueche, Maren Ward, and Jon Mac Cole. But you really don't have to know the names, or know anything at all about theater, to enjoy these short hits of stage adventure in Bedlam's inviting space (complete with food and libation). If you've been meaning to go to the theater but haven't seen a show lately that speaks to you, this is the place to get your feet wet. Drenched, actually. For show details visit bedlamtheatre.org. (Pictured: Long Days Journey into Puss)
April 16-25, 2010

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