Tellebration! 2009

Tellabration has consistently proven to be the best storytelling event of the year, gathering Minnesota's greatest talent into an entire day of discussion and performance. This year is even bigger and better, throwing a wider net to pull in a broad range of excellent performers. There'll be morning workshops hosted by skilled artists such as the award-winning Joan Calof and the sarcastic, self-deprecating Amy Salloway. Midday showcases feature appearances by the energetic super-group Rockstar Storytellers and the Black Storytellers Alliance, as well as a Greater Minnesota Showcase, curated by Austin, Minnesota-dwelling master teller Michael Cotter. There's stuff for the kids, a liar's contest, an open mic, and a discussion on the excellent Two Chairs Telling series by its founder, Loren Niemi. The whole day is free up until the evening concert, and the ticket price is well worth it for the impressive and diverse lineup, which includes nationally successful slam poet Khary Jackson and Katherine Glover, whose travel tales are both hilarious and poignant. Other evening performers include Sara Boyle Troutner, who produced and starred in the beautiful fringe show My War: From Bismarck to Britain and Back, and Rockstar member Rik Reppe (pictured), whose bombastic, highly polished stories are always immensely enjoyable. (Photo by Brash Lion)
Sat., Nov. 28, 10 a.m.-10 p.m., 2009

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