Tegan and Sara Photo by Pamela Littky


Tegan and Sara

Sept. 12
6:30 p.m.
Alternative, Electro Pop, Indie Pop, Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Much has been made of Tegan and Sara Quin’s gradual-then-sudden reinvention, and rightly so. They’ve transitioned from emo-folkies signed to fellow Canadian Neil Young’s Vapor Records to synth-pop visionaries who have a superstar fan in Taylor Swift. While some have accused the identical twin sisters of selling out, with their choruses bigger than ever and their vocal harmonies polished to a sheen, their import as queer pop stars has only grown, making them as vital as ever. Originally, they built their core audience on the strength of stripped-down acoustic ruminations on love, later incorporating power-pop and new wave elements. Nowadays, they work with shimmery, Pat Benatar-esque pop that funnels complex emotions into taut hooks and song structures, as on June’s Love You to Death. It’s legitimately surprising that LYTD songs like “Boyfriend,” “Dying to Know,” and “Stop Desire” haven’t become certified pop hits (not in America, anyway), but it seems inevitable that they will. Meanwhile, the sisters’ audience has diversified, as they’re drawing more straight dudes than ever while still advocating for the LGBT community. With Shura. All ages.