Tegan and Sara

Sara Quin, half of Canadian pop-rock twins Tegan and Sara, is in the midst of a final tour before working on the duo's sixth album. The rising music star told City Pages about her experiences learning to handle fame, fans, and the future both in and out of music.

City Pages: You're performing some unreleased and older songs on this tour. What went into that decision?

Sara Quin: Quite honestly, I wasn't totally sure we needed to be doing another tour in the States right away. I kind of like the "leave them wanting more" kind of vibe. But we've experienced a lot of growth and interest. Yet I was like, "God, it feels like we're just going back to do the same old thing." We wanted to diversify, I mean, we want to play all the stuff everybody wants to hear, and we enjoy playing everything, too, but we wanted to put some new stuff in and some old unreleased stuff just to keep the set exciting for us.

CP: You have a lot of extremely devoted fans, maybe more fanatical than other bands.

SQ: Sure. We were just doing a festival with the National, who I absolutely adore. As we were standing backstage there were all these girls at the fence screaming and waving at us. We had this conversation about how our fans really do treat us almost like heartthrobs. It's sort of embarrassing to me that there are people like, "I love you!" Somebody recently said that we were like David Cassidy. Which feels so awkward because I feel really short and geeky and very much not like a sex symbol. You know, when you look at what's available for kids to pine over or look up to or get a crush on in terms of alternative music, in terms of queer girls or whatever, Tegan and I are two of very few. Those kind of girls, I can see why they need to be like, "Oh my god, I love you! You're so cute, oh my god!" That's okay, they'll grow out of it, and it's totally okay. But we also try to not encourage it, either.

CP: Are you two at a point in your career that some solo albums or solo touring is becoming likely?

SQ: I definitely think solo material, solo albums, and side projects—we've always thought we would do those things. We write very independently, so there's tons of material that I'll write and think that this wouldn't fit with what Tegan and Sara, quote unquote, would do. It's sort of like, "later, later, later," but noticeably I've felt like we're about do album number six, so it might be time to do other stuff just to keep it fresh. As much as it was something we said in the past, I actually think we're both working on other things right now. I've started working with a band in an artistic way as a bit of a mentor. It makes me think that maybe one day I would like to be involved in more of a business capacity with other bands, maybe like a consultant. Sometimes I want to be a librarian. I'm just not really sure.

Tegan and Sara perform tonight with City and Colour, and Girl in a Coma.
Sat., Oct. 11, 8 p.m., 2008

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